Straight From Japan: Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R


A polished stainless steel tubular turbo manifold effectively sends the exhaust gasses to the BorgWarner turbo.


This uniquely mounted HKS BOV came with the car when Gary picked it up. It uses a sequential valve operation and a differential pressure control system that allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost. 


A nice, custom 4” turbo-back exhaust by K.T Auto in Japan. As wide open as this exhaust system is, it’s not obnoxiously loud as you’d expect coming from a Skyline. A lot of that has to do with the naturally good sounding note of an inline-6 cylinder engine. 


The R33 GT-R is equipped with Brembo rotors and calipers from the factory and these are surrounded by 285/35/-18 Zestino Gredge 07R tires wrapped perfectly around the Nismo LMGT2 polished lip wheels.

These tires have a few grooves that serve functional purposes. One groove, called the center straight groove, assures water to flow right through the contact patch to reduce hydroplaning. The wing and lightning groove pretty much do the same thing but divert the water out to the sidewalls. The short groove lengths along the sidewalls assure grip by reducing tread squirm.

According to the Zestino Tires site, a unique feature that these tires have is an auto warming system that can bring the tire to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to get them to maximum grip quickly.


A GT-R isn’t a GT-R without the rear deck wing. A nice Bee-R wing is bolted to the stock R33 base spoiler stays.


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