Straight From Japan: Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R


Gary uses an APEXi dual funnel power intake. This replaces the restrictive stock airbox with two free-flowing cone filters.


SamcoSport hose kits are used to replace the old brittle OEM parts for the turbo and coolant lines. Samco hoses are made of 4-ply reinforced silicone rubber that are much more heat resistant than stock.


Radiator caps have a calibrated spring that contracts when the pressure reaches about 15PSI. Once open, it allows expanded fluid to travel through the hose attached to the coolant reservoir.

This APEXI GT Radiator Cap is a high-performance replacement cap designed to handle 1.3 kg/cm2 (18.49 psi) of pressure before it opens. Raising the pressure of the cooling system creates a higher boiling point of the coolant, which enables greater cooling efficiency.


The RB26 uses a Jaz Products 1 quart overflow catch can. Essentially a catch can collects oil residue and blow-by (fuel/air mixture that is blown past the pistons and into the crankcase), leaving the engine and vents the pressurized, but now clean, air into the atmosphere.


A lightweight GodSnow underdrive pulley kit is used to drive the RB26's accessories. These anodized T6061 aluminum pulleys add about a 4-7 horsepower. The power gain comes from reducing the rotational inertia and by spinning the accessories slower. Along with power comes improved throttle response.


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