Straight From Japan: Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R


Although Cusco bolt-in cages are not that great from a racing standpoint and won't pass tech at an American event, they are designed for street use and to be installable without chopping up the original interior.

This Cusco cage came with the car from Japan. Although the engine has been swapped from the original build, all of the car's original JDM aftermarket parts are still in place. 


Speaking of original, the stock Japanese genuine Nissan floor mats are still in pretty good condition!


Every vehicle behind the man who owns it tells an interesting story. Gary's R33 is no exception. There are cars that can really change a person’s life and create a new lifestyle for their owners. Certain cars can bring joy amongst individuals who never would have thought it to be possible.

The man behind this green machine- or in front of it, in this case- is Gary King Jr. out of Los Angeles, California. Thinking green can mean a great deal because of the attractive color that you can’t miss. It brings out a joyful and goofy but humble personality. Gary is just that.

We all start from somewhere and that place leads us to land where we are today. Just like many car enthusiasts, Gary found out what a Skyline GT-R was from playing video games such as Gran Turismo on Playstation that was released in May of 1998. Discovering the car on the game, he fell in love with it and just had to obtain one.

Gary is not new to the scene of inline-six turbo charged engines. In fact, he owned an R32 GT-R before he obtained the R33 GT-R.  Although he couldn't keep the 32 as a whole, he was able to hold onto the R32's RB26 engine. He’s currently building that engine at this very moment. Gary is carefully working on the engine with a goal of 1000 horsepower!

As the car's build is reborn from its beginning again, it has come a long way since Gary has first come to own it. He will not rest until his goal for 1000 horsepower is accomplished. When it is, an update is in order, as we are all interested in exactly what it will take to get this level of performance from an RB26!


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