Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part One

The temperature indicating paint on the rotor lets you monitor the running temperature of your bake system which can be a great aid for selecting what pad compound to use.  The green paint will turn white at 860 degrees.  The orange paint will turn light yellow at 1020 degrees and the red paint will turn white at 1170 degrees.

We applied the supplied anti-squeak compound to the back of the Hawk PC brake pads.

The new rear rotors were installed and the pads loaded in.

The DBA4000 rotors feature T3 slots.  T3 stands for tri symmetrical. The slots on the braking surfaces, help the rotor shed water and under extreme conditions help get rid of a boundary layer of vaporized pad that can reduce pad bite.  DBA also has discovered that this slot geometry dampens noise-producing harmonics reducing brake squeal.

The completed rear brake refresh looks really nice.

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