Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part One

Everything was bolted together and the brake system was bled with Redline RL-600 synthetic brake fluid. RL-600 is a DOT 4 brake fluid formulated with Borate Glycol Ethers, plus moisture and corrosion inhibitors.  These make RL-600 resistant to moisture giving great boiling resistance at extreme temperatures.  RL-600 is blendable with DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 fluids. RL-600 decreases ABS cycle times for a more responsive and consistent pedal feel

The refurbished front brakes look as great as the rear brakes do.

We added a Cobb Tuning short shifter.  Normally we are not fans of short shifters because they give a high effort notchy feel and are hard on syncros which leads to grinding shifts.

We first removed the shift knob by wrapping it in a towel and unscrewing it with big channel locks.  Next, we removed the shift bezel by pulling it straight up to unsnap it.

Next, we unbolted the shifter from the shift stabilizer rod.

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