Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part One

Here is the area that needs to be removed.

After cutting, the cut was deburred with a file.

Now the shifter can be reinstalled the way it came out.

The shifter is in place, it just needs the knob to be added.

The shifter came with this cool-looking white delrin knob that looks just like one that is found on race cars.

When we first installed the shifter, it was set way too short and the shifting was a very high effort, the gate was so tight, it was hard not to misshift and the shifts were crunchy.  We then put the shifter at its least aggressive setting which was closer to stock.  At this point we really liked the shifter, it was very smooth and positive, reducing the stock rubbery feel and only slightly shorter in throw than stock.

Stay tuned, we have a bunch of other parts that we are going to install, all of which are selected to be practical in daily driving while still providing a good jump in performance.



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Cobb Tuning


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