Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!


The rest of the steering still has to be modified. The steering slider had an issue with rotating in the bearings causing play. We are going to have to find anti-rotation ball spline linear bearings. Such parts exsist for applications like Helicopter controls and precision machine tools. 

Brian had to build a sturdy support structure for the front splitter/belly pan.  Since this can generate over 1000 lbs of downforce, it has to be quite strong and stiff. 

The old structure was made out of aluminum tubing and it instantly collapsed when aero load was developed. The new structure is made out of strong and stiff chromoly tubing and attaches to the engine cradle/cross member. 


Since the BNR32 frame rails were originally designed in an era before stringent crash requirements and before engineers were really cognizant of how important chassis stiffness is for suspension functionality, they are quite weak.

This makes the BNR32 a flexy flyer. It was also causing vexing problems like severe flex when the load of the steering box was applied to it. Since time attack rules precludes loping off the front of the car and making it a tube frame, reinforcing the unibody would have to do.

Brian built these nifty chromoly braces to triangulate the frame rails to the solidly mounted transmission and subframe/engine cradle. Now the chassis will be much stiffer in this area, the engine and trans can be effectively structurally coupled to the chassis in more places, and the aero load is spread out over a wider area. 


Here is a closer look at the steering shaft that was causing problems with flexing the frame rail. 

With the steering box now partially mounted to the cage and the frame rail being reinforced, things are a lot better.


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