Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!


The air exiting the heat exchangers is completely directed to this shaped carbon duct and exits out the hood vent. 

All of the cooling air exits out the central hood vent and none of it bounces around the engine compartment to create drag and disrupt the function of the undercar aero. 


Since the ductwork blocks the front of the engine, to ease maintenance and repair work on the front of the motor, the duct is easily removable with Dzus fasteners. 

Although there has been good progress on fixing many of the car's issues, there is plenty more work to be done before the car can be shaken down. The unibody in the area of the firewall in the lower rear wheelwell zone has to be patched up. This will greatly help the stiffness of this part of the car and improve the effectiveness of the aero. 

The underbody aero will have to be rebuilt and the aero on the sides of the car, which is critical to the function of the underbody aero will also have to be redone. The firewall needs to be patched because of all the now undeeded holes punched in it as well as the trans tunnel.

After that, the interior tin work and heat shielding need to be revisited. When the car is mechanically sound, then a new wire harness needs to be created and the engine tuned. Then, finally the car can be shaken down.

Stay tuned, we will be giving periodic updates as the car progresses. Team America will be back!



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