Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!


The weak aluminum support structure was replaced by a triangulated chromoly part that ties the front of the car to the cage and shock towers.

This structure also supports the heat exchangers as well as coolant overflow bottles and dry sump vent tank. 


The structure ties into the front splitter/undertray in many spots. If it looks strong it is as the splitter/undertray can generate well over 1000 lbs of downforce. 

The structure bolts solidly into the splitter/undertray at 4 reinforced positions per side. There will be no more dragging splitters again!  

Note how the front wheel tubs seal against the undertray. This is important to help the aero develop downforce creating pressure differential. 


The heat exchangers for the coolant and charge air are rubber mounted to the front support structure. This is important because everything is heavily loaded and any structural flex might fracture the thin aluminum of the heat exchangers which are not load tolerant. 


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