Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!


At one time our car's front aero was a secret. Now, Andrew Brilliant has had several levels of breakthroughs beyond what our car has including the now awesome Infinity Wing, which obsoletes everything. 

The view up top has improved. The front bumper cover is now one piece, and the splitter is held on with sturdy stays made of aero profile chromoly tubing.

Here is a close-up detail of the front bumper stay. It is designed to be quickly removable for maintenance and transport.

The front bumper cover is also designed to be quickly removable; it is held on with Dzus fasteners. 

Here, Brian removes the Dzus fasters holding on the bumper cover.

Now Brian unbolts the aero stays. With the stays in place, you can easily stand on the splitter and use it as a work step. It is that strong. Several people can stand on it in fact!

The bumper cover comes right off in a minute or so!  Now the rest of the structure is exposed for work or to remove for transport. 

Before this whole assembly was a nightmare of many small button head allen bolts that took hours to get off and align. 



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