Tested! NGK’s New BMW 335i Coils and Bosch Plugs


While performing this job, a huge storm rolled through and cut the power out, which means we had to work in the dark.

Fortunately for us, however, Sparkplugs.com had sent us a pair of its LED work glasses so we could finish the job in the dark.

The LED work glasses made finishing this job in the dark very easy. In fact, I’ve even used these glasses to finish mowing the lawn at night.

To perform this test, we started from a dead stop, and shifted the car to third gear at 20 MPH, and punched it. We only performed one pull for each setup. We did notice the weather slightly cool after the installation. While the car didn't seem to have much of a hiccup on the initial baseline pull, it seems the new coils and plugs still helped it net a third of a second to 100 MPH, especially pre-boost. At 40 MPH, it was clear the boost hit hard with the JB4 software in there, netting around 12-13 PSI. After the car was in full boost, it seemed to be on par with where it was before, netting 0.1 second in the upper midrange.

All in all, we're very happy with the car's performance given its new maintenance parts. The installation went without a hitch (except for not having the proper spark plug socket). Also, given the other 335ix's installation we'd performed months earlier using the same parts, we can attest that these parts work well, even with a BMW 335 running a more aggressive software setup.




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  1. Awesome writeup, test, results and all. Installing the same setup in a stage 1 Revo Audi B7, tomorrow in fact, so yeah this is an exciting read.

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