Tested: Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank


Verify the length of the clear sight tube is 81±1 mm…


…Then insert it into the two elbows.  The sight tube is now installed.


Now install the pressure cap port. Install the O-ring into the grove, place the fill neck receiver onto the top of the tank, and orient it so the vent port routes in the correct direction for your application. (On S197 & S550 Mustangs, route the port directly to the side.)

Torque the 3-mm Allen bolts down. Note that the instructions called for a torque value of 68 in-lbs.  When I used this setting on my torque wrench, it rounded one of the bolts. I recommend just torquing these down by hand until tight.


The kit includes this beautiful laser-cut bracket.


The bracket installs with 3 4-mm Allen screws.


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