Tested: Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank


Since I couldn’t get all of the fluid out of the bottle, I used these vacuum caps and zip ties in an attempt to “seal” the bottle as much as possible.  Next, remove the two stock bolts holding the bottle to the radiator shroud using a 10-mm socket.  Pivot the De-gas bottle up and to the side, draining as much of the leftover coolant away from the bottom return port as possible.  Remove this clamp and hose, and drain any remaining coolant into a container.


Cut the included 3/8” heater hose to 3 1/4” long and press it onto the 120° Push-Lok hose (no clamp is needed here).  Then, install the 3/8” hose coupling into the other end. 


The black clamp that came with the kit was too small for the heater hose (even when using a lubricant to try and slide it over), so I ended up having to use a worm-gear clamp.


Using an 11/16” wrench, tighten the 120° AN fitting onto the bottom port in this orientation.

Now, take it over to the engine bay and connect the fitting you just created to the radiator vent line.  Reuse the OEM clamp. (I really like how this installation is completely reversible and reuses the stock lines.)


Connect the 1/2″ coolant return line to the bottom hose nipple, reusing the OEM clamp.


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