Tested: Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank


Now, we move on to installing the AN fittings.


Install the -6AN ORB to -6AN flare fitting into the upper steam line port after lubing the O-ring with some motor oil. Tighten with a 3/4” wrench.


Install the -10AN ORB to -6AN flare fitting onto the radiator vent port (rectangular side) and the -10AN ORB to 1/2” nipple on the coolant return port (circular side).  Tighten with a 1” wrench.  Don’t’ forget to lubricate the O-rings with a bit of motor oil!

Now it’s time to remove the stock de-gas Bottle.  This thing is made of plastic and has no internal baffling. Basically, it’s a milk jug.


In an attempt to keep the mess to a minimum, I first siphoned out as much coolant as I could.


After siphoning out as much coolant as possible, I clamped the radiator vent and steam lines, loosened up the stock clamps, and removed them from the bottle.


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