The Alley: Enrique Perez’s LS-1 powered TE72 Toyota Corolla


Although it has Corvette Valve covers, the LS1 engine originally came from a wrecked Camaro.  It took two years of weekends from the start of the project to get the car running.  The LS1 is currently nearly stock but it's underrated 345 hp and 350 lb/ft of torque are a lot better than the 90 or so hp and 95 lb feet of torque in the original 3T.  The interesting thing is that with it's all aluminum computer optimized design, the LS1 is probably not much if any heavier than the 3T which is built like a tank.
Surprisingly there is a relatively large amount of room in the Corolla's engine bay for the LS1.  The LS1 is a pretty compact engine compared to other modern V8 engines like the Ford Coyote or even Toyota and Nissan V8 engines. The LS1 has short OHV cylinder heads which really aid in making the whole engine light and compact.  As you can see here there is plenty of room to the side of the engine with things only being slightly tight up front.
A Camaro K&N intake was modified to fit into the Corolla engine bay.
MSD plug wires grace a stock ignition system. Pacesetter Camaro long tube headers were slightly modified to fit the Corolla chassis.  You can see that there is plenty of room to the sides of the engine.  This engine swap is a lot easier than when we tried to fit a big block into a Chevy II when we were kids. 
No, it's not an intercooler. A custom Griffin aluminum racing radiator handles all of the engine's cooling duties. 
It is a relatively tight fit between the front of the engine and the radiator. A low profile SPAL fan fits right in there. 

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