The Alley: Enrique Perez’s LS-1 powered TE72 Toyota Corolla


The TE72 shares some of its rear suspension components with the AE86.  There is some aftermarket support for the AE86 from a few companies still and Enrique took advantage of that when equipping his car.  The TE72 has a live rear axle with a 4 link rear suspension.  Lateral location is handled by a Panhard rod.
Battle Version adjustable links are used for the 4 link which allows adjustment of the pinion angle, important for reducing wheel hop with such a powerful engine. The Panhard rod is also from Battle Version. These are alll AE86 parts.
The car's exhaust is 3″ from the header collectors to these remote opening dumps.  When the dumps are closed, the exhaust is routed throgh the 2.25″ pipes to the Magnaflow rear mufflers and tips.
An AE86 rear end and sway bar are used because the rear end has a limited slip differential, a bigger 6.7″ ring gear, stronger axles and rear disc brakes.  Even with these upgrades the LS1 could shred this rear end.  Heck, we used to break these things with 4 cylinders with half the power when we were kids!  In the future a 8.8″ Ford rear end will replace this part making it bulletproof.
A Megan racing adjustable rear shock and ride height adjustable spring assembly from an AE86 is used.  It all bolts right in.
Some details of the Megan racing shock here.  You can adjust the eye to eye length of the shocks which helps it to fit into this no aftermarket support chassis.

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