The Alley: Enrique Perez’s LS-1 powered TE72 Toyota Corolla


Megan Racing adjustable AE86 front struts were used with an AE86 front sway bar.  Goodridge braided steel brake lines promote better brake pedal feel.
The Megan racing struts have adjustable camber plates.   One of the mounting holes had to be redrilled to get them to fit.
The front brakes are 4 piston units from an FD RX-7.  They are fitted to Hawk HP Plus pads and squeeze R1 Concept drilled and slotted rotors.  The front wheel is a Sport Max XXR wheel in 15X8 with a zero offset. The front tire is a Federal 595 185/55-15.  Considering the stock size is a 155/78-13, it's not too shabby.
In the rear AE86 disc brakes replace the stock drum brakes. Hawk HP plus pads and R1 concepts rotors are again used. The rear wheels are 15×9 with a zero offset.
Hankook Ventus RS3 rear tires sized 225/45-15 are so much bigger than anything that Toyota ever anticipated running on the car so the fender lips had to be rolled. 
The adjuster knob for the Wilwood proportioning valve is on the dash where the heater controls used to be.  The master power cut off and the engine's stock Camaro ECU OBDII port have been mounted here as well.

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