The Alley: Enrique Perez’s LS-1 powered TE72 Toyota Corolla


A remote high mounted surge tank keeps air out of the cooling system.

The master cylinder for the stock Chevy clutch was easily bolted in place.  You can see the Wilwood proportioning valve with a remote cable adjuster here.

Perhaps the most elaborate big of fabrication needed was to make these custom motor mounts, and getting the headers on the driver's side to fit around them.

The rear mounted battery has this remote terminal in the engine compartment to make jump starting and battery charging  easy if necessary. 

Earl;s AN plumbing and braided stainless steel lines were used with FAST fuel rails and the stock LS1 injectors. 

More good Earl's lines and plumbing.  An Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator controls fuel pressure to the LS1.


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