The Blackbird Fabworx Morpheus Miata!


The Morpheus Miata's flat bottom is made of carbon honeycomb with the center section being aluminum so as not to burn up from the exhaust.

The NACA ducts in the aluminum part of the belly pan keep air circulating around the exhaust and rear differential to prevent heat damage. 


Morpheus currently has no rear diffuser although one is planned as well as a long “LeMans” style drag reducing tail.  A long tail was tried with great success on Creampuff who gained 5 mph, pulling 133 mph on the banking of Cal Speedway with only 101 whp. This is amazing as the Dog Car is only slightly faster here with twice the power at about the same weight!

There will also be a shorter length “Kurtz” tail that meets time attack rules configurations that will still cut drag considerably. 

You can see the angle cut exit of the Blackbird Fabworx exhaust system. You can bet that the future diffuser will be blown by the exhaust for more downforce. The exhaust is fabricated from stainless tubing and has a Magnaflow straight through muffler.


The front fenders are contoured with these dry carbon panels to help evacuate entrapped air from the wheelwells. This reduces drag and helps the front splitter and front diffusers work better. 

The large APR barge boards keep air from spilling off the car's sides and curling under the car, improving the effectiveness of both the front and rear aero. The barge boards also recover pressure from the pumping action of the front tires and the side spill air for more downforce with little drag penalty. 


The rear of the car is dominated by this large dual element APR rear wing. The car seems like it is underpowered for this large of a wing which is usually reserved for cars making northwards of 400 hp.

The guys at Blackbird Fabworx know this and have some big tricks up their sleeve to counter this. 


Swan neck wing mounts are more efficient because they impede the airflow less over the all-important bottom of the wing. 

The honeycomb carbon deck spoiler also improves the airflow in the flow field under the wing and also will help activate the rear diffuser once it is in place. We think it will probably be integrated into the upcoming long tail. 


Here is a closer look that the rear deck spoiler. We feel that this deck spoiler also reduces wake drag. 



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