The Blackbird Fabworx Morpheus Miata!


The Morpheus Miata is beautiful in its purposefulness and spareness of its construction. Nothing unnecessary is in the car. The car is light, efficient and damn fast. This is a very unique approach towards building a car nowadays.  

Today it seems like more is better: more aero and more drag needs more power to push it through the air. More power means more weight which needs more tire and more brake. Morpheus goes against this convention and less is more is its approach.


The front view of the car shows how little on it sticks out in the air to cause drag. In the future, the side view mirror will be brought inboard to reduce drag. The roll cage tubes will also have plastic trailing edge fairings added to reduce their drag and propensity to induce turbulence which might effect wing efficiency. 
The cars side view shows how low and slick it is and how small the frontal area of the car is. There is not much hint of Miata there!
We like this picture as it shows most of the cars low drag aero profile. Most aero increases a race car's drag greatly, but the Blackbird Fabworx aero both reduces drag and greatly improves downforce, all without CFD or any sort of modeling other than what's inside Moti's head! 

What does the future hold for Morpheus?

In interviewing Moti for this story, the Morpheus Miata is soon going to take a very different tack in its development cycle. Up until now, Blackbird Fabworx has been known for their highly efficient, less equals more builds. Well soon, less equals more is going to merge with more.

One new part of the build will be to trim 200 more pounds from the car's chassis. Although the car is already very light, Moti plans to replace the hood, rear decklid and doors with carbon fiber and to re-engineer other parts of the car to shed weight. This goes along with the typical way that Blackbird Fabworx builds speed.

A new development that is converse to Blackbird Fabworx usual ways is also in the works. A new power plant is being designed! Moti is secretive about revealing exactly what it is, but it will be lightweight, naturally aspirated and around 400 hp. This is 3 times the cars current power level.

The engine will be set back about 12 inches to the limit of time attack rules with the goal of it being behind the front axle line. This will work to give the car a 50/50 weight distribution percentage. 

With flyweight, a low drag body that still makes a decent amount of downforce and now decent but not class leading power, the Blackbird Fabworx Morpheus Miata is going to be a force to be reckoned with in time attack. Even with 400 hp, the car will still moderately powered in the world of time attack. 400 hp has never driven such an efficient package though.

We can't wait to see it!


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