The Blackbird Fabworx Morpheus Miata!


Morpheus can be changed from coupe to speedster configurations quickly. The hardtop and lexan windshield are held in by Dzus fasteners and can be released with a quick half-twist of a screwdriver. 

The roof itself is just a skin of the stock hardtop and weighs very little.

The cage is a Blackbird Fabworx artform. The cage integrates the rear coilover mounts to its structure with 13 points of connection to the unibody. There are 3D formed gussets at nearly every tube intersection. We really like how the cage looks around the A-pillar area. 

Currently, Morpheus uses the stock MX-5 dashboard and steering collum enhanced with an AIM Solo display. The steering collum has been fitted with a quick release steering wheel. 

The steering wheel is a Sparco Monza 350mm with a 63mm dish and a big spacer with a thick quick release. This is to lengthen the steering column accommodate driver setback. 


The rear of the hardtop has had its window eliminated to reduce weight and so as to not entrap air and increase drag. 

Currently, the stock MX-5 doors are used.  They are gutted to just skins to minimize weight. 



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