The Blackbird Fabworx Morpheus Miata!


The stock hydraulics are used for the pedals but the pedals and the steering column are set back, putting the driver way back at the rear edge of the floor pan.  This is to improve the car's weight distribution as much as possible, as the driver is one of the heavier components in the chassis.  

The steering column is extended and mounted rearward to get the steering wheel back as well. Currently, Morpheus has a 52.5/46.5 percent front to rear weight distribution, which is pretty decent for a front engine rear drive car, but Moti has plans to improve this to 50/50 soon.


A custom Cobra Evolution Carbon FIA approved seat with head restraints helps keep Moti safe. The seat mounts are integrated into the roll cage for optimal safety. The harnesses are Schroth Profi-II HANS compatible and FIA approved parts. 

Not shown are the I/O Port side window nets and the Simpson kevlar center net from a C5R. 


Hey, we want that Halon Amerex fire extinguisher. Halon works awesome on hydrocarbon fires and it's really hard to get nowadays due to its ozone depletion properties. 

The stock Mazda 6-speed shifter is used, but it is cut and bent to get it rearward so the driver can reach it.


We like the detail of the roll cage A-pillar. It has a 3D gusseted that is hand formed, then dimple-die embossed for less weight and more stiffness. Finally, it's tig welded together. 

Before the cage was done, the entire chassis was stripped down to the bare unibody and completely seam-welded for strength and stiffness. 


Morpheus rides on lightweight 949 Racing 6UL wheels in 15×9″.  Like the rest of the car, minimal, efficient and lightweight! 

The tires are Hooser Formula Atlantic slicks in 23×9 SR15.


Morpheus at speed is quite an interesting sight. The car looks to be so transformed that no one knows what kind of car it is. People are typically surprised to find out that it's a Miata. 



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