The Cars of Knox Mountain Hill Climb


Ron Ronchetto brought his Miata from Montana to compete at Knox Mountain. He placed first in SP-2 with a time of 2:11.739. Ron is a great driver and a calm presence in the paddock.
In second place was #129 Eric Grochowski with his Subaru Impreza with a time of 2:16.445. He was followed by Albertan Cyrus Pischke in the #934 Hyundai Tiburon running just a fraction of a second back with a time of 2:16.727.
Darrell Jones brought his #147 Mazda RX-7 to the top of the mountain with a time of 1:59.412 and is our first driver to break the 2 minute mark. If 2 minutes is fast, then undoubtedly below that is blistering fast.
Running the #6 VW GTi in second place was Brad Davidson with a time of 2:03.756. Coming in third place was Marcin Derewonko in the #85 Mitsubishi Evo IV with a time of 2:06.549.


Anthony Rehlinger's #52 Ford Mustang simply sounded incredible as it blasted to the top of the course with a time of 1:58.855.
Second place went to Campbell Carlyle in the #78 Pontiac Trans-Am with a time of 2:00.521, and third was the #691 Chevrolet Corvette piloted by Denis Nowak with a time of 2:04.129.

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