The Cars of Knox Mountain Hill Climb


In fourth place with a time of 1:55.138 was the #23 MGB-GT raced by Brian Browning. 3rd Place went to Allen Reid in the #13 MGB-GT V8 with a time of 1:53.850. These two cars are very different even though they appear very similar. What they both have in common is that they are beautiful.
The fastest recorded trap speed of the event was Andre Marziali doing 171.38 kph before Turn 1 in his #96 flat black BMW M3. The list of modifications to this car is quite extensive with the most impressive being extensive weight reduction and the chopped roof. I met Andre as his car was getting tuned at AES Auto. That's Greg Petroski's SPX-3 Subaru in the background.
Andre came second in GT-O and second overall with a blistering time of 1:50.093 with about 380 whp.
Coming back to defend his 2016 King of the Hill title is Wouter Bouman and his three rotor, turbocharged Mazda RX-7.
The RX-7 was just on the dyno and produced a staggering 916 whp.
King of the Hill for what I believe is the third consecutive year is Wouter Bouman with a new class record and the fastest time of any full bodied car with an unreal time of 1:47.693. Congratulations.

2017 marked the 60th year that the Knox Mountain Hill Climb has take place. Drivers from across western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest have what is arguably the most invigorating and terrifying two and a quarter minutes ever. I have been told that the terrifying component starts to dissipate after the novice year … I am not sure that it will ever completely vanish. Participant or spectator, I hope to see you there in 2018. 

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