The CSF EvoX Racecar Build – The Beginning

Another cool racecar detail from this ex World Challenge racer are the provisions for air jacks! We’re not going to make use of these just yet, but it sure is nice to have them already there for when CSF is ready to take their race program to the next level.

While we’re on the subject of cool racecar hardware, how about this custom fuel set-up the car came with?! This is a custom fuel bladder that is shaped to fit in the stock fuel tank location and is secured to the car by using a custom carbon fiber panel. This is the equivalent of running an SFI approved self contained fuel cell set-up, but instead of having a bladder encased inside an aluminum box, the bottom of the car and the carbon fiber panel are acting as the “box” encasing the bladder. This set-up will help keep the weight of the fuel low to the ground while also keeping the fuel far enough inboard to the car for it to be safe in case of an accident.

Unfortunately the carbon fiber panel was cracked, but it was definitely salvageable. So before we could start the assembly process of the Evo, we had to disassemble it a little bit more. We used fiberglass and resin to repair the damage and reinforce all compromised areas.

Here you can see the provisions the panel has for the driveshaft. It easily bolts up to the car using existing bolt holes. With the carbon fiber panel for the fuel bladder repaired, we could start turning our efforts to the assembly of the Evo’s drivetrain.

Be sure to come back to check out the rest of build process! In the next installment we will tackle the installation, customization and plumbing for the dry sump system for the CSF EvoX Racecar. We will also receive a special visit from Rywire as we start on the placement/wiring of the electronics and they will also be giving us a hand measuring and assembling the custom XRP Kevlar lines CSF chose for their build.



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  1. Those turbos were just announced at last year’s SEMA show, but you’ll be seeing results soon. I’m sure the first batches of those turbos went to race teams and they’re more concerned about winning than writing articles about their results πŸ˜‰

    We do have a few leads on some back to back testing that’s coming up that will make for the exact content you’re looking for. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. idk man… sounds like a lame excuse to me… πŸ˜€

      haha (sarcasm in case anyone doesn’t pick up on that)

    1. Shooting for sometime this year. Getting one of these EvoXs to go fast has not been a plug and play affair. We’ll let you guys in on all the details with the rest of the series.

  2. so I know I’m late to the party, but I’m just now reading the full article… I want air jacks on my street car… pull up somewhere, park the car, and bam! my car is in the air, primed and ready to get my wheels stolen

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