The DeltaWing: The Look of Things To Come?


The brakes are by Performance Friction and use an amorphous carbon carbon rotor.  Super light and super trick.  These are the rear brakes.

The front brakes are also Performance Friction carbon carbon units.  An innovative super light front hub with three lug nuts is used.  Remember the overly large brake ducts?  Look at the hollow axle of the front hub.  We think the car is blowing excess brake cooling air out of the hubs centers to minimize the effect of the front wheels edge vortices.  These can be a big problem with the interference of the airflow to the rear tunnels due to the closely spaced front wheels.  We think this is a crazy CFD derived aero detail.

The front brakes are smallish 4 piston parts.  The lightly laden front end means that huge front brakes are not needed.  The thin 4″ wide front tires do not produce much braking force.

The rear brakes are also pretty small 4 piston parts but when you consider that the DeltaWing is half the weight of a typical P1 car this is reasonable.  The rear brake hubs are pin drive with center locks.

Carbon carbon rotors by nature don't have big vents.

The world's smallest race tires!  Bridgestone replaced Michelin as the providers of the DeltaWing's very special tires after Nissan exited the program.

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