The DeltaWing: The Look of Things To Come?


A Tial wastegate is used.

The DeltaWing uses a bespoke 5 speed transaxle that was developed for the project by Emco.  It is supposedly very lightweight and has the capability to use ECU controlled torque vectoring.  We don't think that the torque vectoring function is working yet. The Emco uses electronic shifting which was problematic during the car's development. The transaxle reportedly weighs in at a feathery 73 pounds.

This pressure sensor tapped into a fitting for the transmission is not good!

The car's electronics are a big mish mash using a Motec dataloging system, a Cosworth Pectel steering wheel and a Life Racing F90GDI engine control unit.  Issues in getting the car's systems to communicate and harness problems have supposedly plagued the car since its early development days.

The Pectel steering wheel.

This looks to be Motec.

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