The DeltaWing: The Look of Things To Come?


The GPS antenna and the receptacle for the air jack lance are mounted to the front part of the tub just under the bodywork.

The control module for the Lifeline fire control system is mounted on top of the tub.

BBS supplies the special wheels for the project including the one piece forged super skinny front wheels.

The fuel cell vent discriminators are located on the upper rear of the tub.  Strangely they are not mounted by the fuel filler.

The driver's cabin looks like an open wheeler for a fat man!

The DeltaWing is striking and clean with no wing or aerodynamic protuberances.  With so much of the car's mass rearward,  the big vertical fin really adds a bunch of needed yaw stability by greatly moving the car's dynamic center of pressure rearward.  The car reportedly has excellent stability at high speeds.  The super narrow front track makes the car very resistant to tramlining and easy to drive on split mu surfaces.

Some think the DeltaWind is beautiful, some think it's ugly, we don't care if it works.

Is the DeltaWind the future of racing?  Time will tell.

Currently the car is several seconds off the pace in P1 but the car can make up for that with less time in the pits.  Elan technologies will continue to develop the DeltaWing concept and is planning to introduce a bespoke tub that is optimized for the car which will allow the DeltaWing to reach its true potential.  Considering that the current proof of concept DeltaWing is built from a parts bin of hastily assembled bits it is amazing that it works as well as it does.

With the final superlight and strong carbon block and proper chassis we may see another revolution in race car development not seen since the switch to mid engine layout!  We can't wait and will be following the car as it comes together.  Stay tuned as we will revisit the car as it devlops.


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