The DeltaWing: The Look of Things To Come?



Here is the airbox duct opening.  A bad location for aero.

Who says a BOV doesn't belong on a race car?  The DeltaWing has a Tial BOV!

The engine's heat exchanger is located very low in the car's chassis so this high mounted surge tank/swirl pot makes bleeding the cooling system easy.  Surprisingly, the car does not seem to manage its internal heat exchanger air flows very well.  This would seemingly not be very aero efficient and drag inducing.  It also may contribute to the car's overheating issues.  We figure this will be an area of huge improvement that will be addressed.

Here is a water to oil engine oil cooler.

The mystery turbo is under here somewhere.

This gives you an idea of how deeply the engine is buried.  This is probably not good for maintainability.  These issues will most likely be dealt with when a bespoke tub is constructed.  The engine's direct injection system makes use of OEM parts.  We have heard that the injection was upgraded with items from the SHO Taurus because of their higher capacity.

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