The Drift League 2020: Bigger & Better
Brad Davis in his 240SX with an LS engine. Bonus points for the simple yet effect pin-up decal.

The second open practice session started from 1:00 PM until to 3:00 PM. Drivers were encouraged to practice tandem with other drivers. Drivers need to get comfortable with tandem runs since Top 16 is judge based on how well drivers can lead and chase. 

Alex Anderson and Evan Bogovich in their corvettes having a practice tandem run.
Ashton Redberg in his Nissan 350Z and Rudy Hansen in his 240sx.
There was another driver meeting before qualifying to answer any questions or concerns. This is the perfect time for drivers to ask the judges for advice. The judges explained where they will be focusing. The three major criteria are line, angle, and style.

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