The Drift League 2020: Bigger & Better
Sean Murtha and Cameron Crawford are both in a 240sx. Cameron did an amazing chase run but was it was not enough to take the win. Murtha took the win.
Ashton Redberg and Rye O’Connor both are running 350Z with an amazing look. They both get points for looking good but only one can go to the next round. Ashton took the win.
Nate Snyder in his 96 Pink Nissan 240sx and Amir Falahi in his white BMW E30. Both are running an LS engine. Nate took the win.

Now we move on to the Top 8

Martinez and Bompas both had an amazing chase run and the judges called for one more time. Unfortunately, Bompas hit the wall in the first initiation and was unable to repair his car within the 5 minutes rule. Martinez took the win.
Bogovich had an amazing chase against Davis but it wasn’t enough to take the win. Davis took the win due to his chase and lead run.

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