The Great ARK Design FR-S / BRZ Exhaust Shootout


Next up is the ARK Design Super Flow.  This exhaust is designed for maximum flow.  It has the same beautiful Tig welded polished 304 construction as all the ARK design products.  The mid pipe is identical to the Road Spec but the tail section is free of bends and features two short straight through mufflers for the lowest possible back pressure. 
You can also choose from long tips, short tips or no tips depending on what you want.  No tips are good if you want a stealth look or need maximum clearance if you are building a rear diffuser for instance.
The Super Flow is way more minimalistic and lighter than stock.  Is it going to be loud?  We will see!
The mid pipe is identical to the Road Spec part.
The mid pipe in place showing the perfect fit.

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