The Great ARK Design FR-S / BRZ Exhaust Shootout


The single tip reminds us of an older STI.  We actually like the single tip look.  What would the dyno tell us and just how loud would the Racing Spec be?
At 152.5 whp @ 7000 rpm and 121.3 lb/ft of torque @ 6100 rpm, the ARK Design Racing Spec exhaust had nearly identical power gains as the other ARK Design exhaust systems.  Like the others, gains were across the board for a decent area under the curve gain.  Surprisingly, although the racing spec was the loudest of the three exhaust systems, it still was not excessively loud.  Especially when compared to the Greddy exhaust on our Project FR-S.
When you overlay all of the exhaust  power curves, you can see that they are really for all practical purposes identical.  We think this will change on a more heavily modified car.

We were very pleased with the ARK Design lineup.  All of the exhausts had excellent quality fit and finish, especially compared to other established brands of exhausts whose aesthetics have suffered due to relentless cost cutting.  The ARK Design exhausts were also some of the most powerful for the FR-S/BRZ twins we have tested to date.  Surprisingly,  they are also among the quietest.  From the slightly louder than stock Road Spec, to the throaty but not obnoxious Super Flow, to the still decently quiet Race Spec we were surprised how good these exhausts sounded.

The exhausts all performed identically on a stock car so we are going to re test them on our header equipped, Innovate Motorsports supercharged Project FR-S in the near future.  We think that the additional flow demands of the supercharger will start to differentiate the different ARK Design exhausts.

Stay tuned!


ARK Design

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