The Great ARK Design FR-S / BRZ Exhaust Shootout


The rest of the exhaust installation is really straight forward.  The fit is perfect.
You can see the Y juncture that splits the exhaust flow between the two short straight through perforated core, super low backpresure mufflers.
The bends on the Super Flow are very minimal and direct.
The ARK Design Super Flow is very direct and with the short straight through perforated core mufflers, very low backpressure.  Will it also be super loud?
The dyno results were pretty surprising, at 152.5 whp @7000 rpm and 121.3 lb/ft of torque @ 6100 rpm the power gains were nearly identical to the Road Spec exhaust.   At almost 5 whp and 3 lb/ft of torque, the gains are good for a totally stock car.  Like the Road Spec the gains are pretty much across the board.  Another surprise is that the exhaust note was not that loud, it was only slightly louder than the Road Spec exhaust.  This exhaust will probably shine in a higher powered forced induction application.

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