The Impossible Evo Part 4: Ergonomics

I do have one update to a previous fix… the headlights. I have come to the conclusion that without UV protection, polishing headlights is dumb. Furthermore, when the headlights are polished and the UV protection is removed, now the inside of the headlight is susceptible to UV damage. I’m too lazy to regularly apply protection to the headlight so I found an alternative solution. Clear coat!


I started by using oven cleaner to degrease the headlights.
This is what they looked like after degreasing. Even though I had polished them recently, the headlights were already starting to show UV damage again.
I hand-sanded the lights in varying degrees per YouTube’s instructions and brought them to a local body shop to be clear-coated.

I found a video on the YouTubes, where the YouTuber sands his headlights and then sprays them with a toxic clear coat. I am not a painter, nor do I like the idea of toxic fumes, so I did all the work he suggested, then brought them to a local body shop for them to clear. I did this on both my Evo X and daily driver Honda Insight, removing the headlights, degreasing, then sanding per the suggested steps. The results are STUNNING and with a thick layer of clear, the finish should outlast what was originally used.

And this was the result! They looked like new and now have a ton of UV protection on them. No complaints!

With ergonomics out of the way, we’ll eventually get to the track. Just a few more things to wrap up and winter to finish, then we’ll hit the track!

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  1. It’s the simple things! I too am amazed at how long it sometimes takes to figure out the causes of things like leg pain. Owning a car for many years gives you the time to steadily find and fix issues like this.

    1. I’ve always been a wallet in the front pocket kind of guy. Honestly not sure how I hurt my back but about 10 years ago I had to get injections. Once I learned soft couches and no leg support made things worse, I’ve just avoided those situations and I basically never have any pain. I figured out the car seat thing about 2-3 years ago and now 99% of my life is pain free!

      1. I had a 2011 tundra rock warrior just like you guys and it always gave me leg pain when driving. Seemed to me we be able to adjust the seat to fix it.

      2. yep, mine too! fun fact: if you do it long enough, it’ll pinch off bloodflow to your lower leg and your toes will go numb. fun!

      3. My wife corrected that habit of mine a while ago. It’s one of the biggest, yet easiest diagnosis she has to make.

  2. Paint Protection Film is a much better/stronger solution for keeping headlight lenses protected. The clear coat is still susceptible to rock chipping/stone-rash, and will start to peel/flake- sometimes within less than a year. Most modern PPF is rated to a minimum life expectancy of 4yrs on a lens, and can last up to 10yrs- and it is designed to resist and prevent rock chipping, along with providing UV protection. The other added bonus to PPF is that most modern PPF films are self-healing.

    1. I honestly don’t have any experience with PPF, but I will certainly look into it. The daily driver Honda Insight headlights were done over a year ago and still look as good as day 1, the Evo was done about this time last year and they look great as well, but it doesn’t get nearly as many miles or exposure to the elements. I totally see your points on rock chips though!

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