The Slasher: Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course Racer


Traxxas 3000 Power Cell
The Traxxas Slash 2WD is also a Ready To Run (RTR) model, unless you're Vaughn Gittin, then it's Ready To Rock. That means it comes with everything you need to get going save for transmitter batteries. The OEM battery is the Traxxas Power Cell 3000 MaH 7-Cell battery. It provides 8.4 Volts, so it's powerful. However, the Titan 12T (12 Turn Armature Wires) really sucks down the juice and I didn't happen to get much run time during testing, but that may have also been due to the fact that I was also at full blast on the course I was running.
TQ 2.4 Ghz FM Transmitter
While you can get an AM frequency radio with the Slash, don't. If you want an RTR, get the one with the FM radio instead. AM transmitters and receivers are notorious for suffering interference from other trucks and AM radio frequencies that occur in the outside world.
TQ 2.4 Ghz FM Radio
The 2.4 GHz system, on the other hand, suffers less from interference and has a very handy feature which is the set button. Instead of trying to get multiple crystals for multiple cars, you now can just hit the set button for your other 2.4 GHz system car. Yep, you can own several vehicles and use the same transmitter for all of them! However, a strange thing on this radio is the lack of a Dual Rate or Throttle Trim adjustments. Dual Rate allows you to set the amount the servo moves, which sets how much maximum steering angle you'll use when turning in either direction. Throttle trim helps remove dead spots in the transmitter and can help eliminate some interference issues. That's a non-issue for FM, but I'm still surprised about the missing dual rate.
Traxxas Slash Accessories
Traxxas also provides all the tools needed and the accessories required to set the truck up to your specifications. That includes the charger…
Traxxas Slash Optional Gear
Shown here is the optional gearing to increase top speed. This gearing really isn't recommended for the brushed motor, we'll have to wait until we get a brushless!
Dynamite Charger
The standard charger is great for the guy who's only bashing around for a day and can recharge at night. However, at a race you don't have time to wait! That's why I opted to get this Dynamite Prophet Sport II, which can charge Nickel-Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries. On A/C (your home outlet), it can charge up to 2 amps.
Dynamite Charger
While on D/C, it can charge up to 4 amps. It is also a peak charger, which means that when the charger detects a full charge it will stop charging at full power and drop back down to 1 amp trickle charging to keep the battery topped up. This is a great feature for an inexpensive charger. However, this charger will not work with Li-Po or LiFe-Po batteries!

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