The Slasher: Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course Racer


West Coast RC Raceway
As I first take the truck out, I find that the tires were better able to grip the surface. I still had a problem with understeer entering the corner as the front suspension would not work. I still had the spacer clips on the springs to keep the body from contacting the tires.
West Coast RC Raceway
However, I adjusted my driving and it was a totally different truck! It had more grip coming out of the corners as the Suburbs were able to grab into the clay. Those knobbies I had before were just not biting!
West Coast RC Raceway Dirt Track
It was fun while it lasted. The battery had began to die out and the truck began to slow more and more until it wasn't even trying to climb the table top anymore. I pulled it in and realized that my Prophet wasn't in my bag. This is where the graciousness of West Coast Raceway shines; they charged my battery for me at no cost! They were also helpful and willing to give advice to anyone who asked. About 30 minutes later, my battery was charged and I ran until it puttered out again. Clearly, the battery wasn't lasting as long as I needed it and will need to be upgraded to something better.
Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0
It was the end of testing for me this day and it was time to pack up.
Clean Up after testing
I cleaned up the truck and the tires and started to load everything into my bags.
Clean Up after Testing
Eight, clean tires, ready for their next adventure in Short Course RC Racing!
I mentioned earlier that the back of the wheels needed to be larger than the front and here is why. As you can see, the outer tie-rod would make contact with the wheel if it were not large enough. This also shows the great design Traxxas put into the heim joints. Looks like full scale stuff, huh?
Cobb Truck
No, you are not seeing things. Turns out the sales guys over a COBB also come out to West Coast Raceway to run the Short Course truck and a pavement car. Care to guess what their paved car is? Yep, a stupidly fast Nissan GTR.

That's it for this story. Next time, I'll be looking into battery options and seeing about improving the suspension to keep the body from continuing to impact the tires.

A big thank you to the following:

West Coast RC Raceway

Tony's Hobbies


Pro-Line Racing

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