The Slasher: Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course Racer


Renegade Bead Lock Wheels
Just like real bead locks, the bead of the RC truck is secured by bolting the wheel to the bead. However, just like much of this truck, that's where the similarity ends.
Renegade Bead Lock Wheel
The Renegade Bead Locks are three piece wheels; there is the plate, the center wheel, and the wheel. The black part you see me lifting off is the center wheel. The chrome part that's left is the actual wheel.
Suburbs 2.0 Clay Tire
The Suburbs 2.0 Clay tires feature a pattern that allows the clay to roll off the tire, but a tread that allows it to keep traction. The triangulated grooves on the sides of the tires give great turn in while the pins give you forward traction. Tacky clay stands no chance against these tires!
Suburbs 2.0 Clay Tires
You will also notice that there is blue foam inside the tires. RC car tires do not use air to give the tires their shape.
Suburbs 2.0 foam liner
Instead, RC tires use foam. The foam of the Suburbs tires allow the tires to bite into the surface and conform better to the ruts and jumps of off road courses. While these are fairly wide tires, they are still ROAR legal!
Tire Mounting
Installing the Renegade Bead Locks isn't hard, but can be rather time consuming and confusing your first time. Starting with the back end of the tire, you'll push it through until the smaller end of the central wheel is resting against the back of the smaller end of the tire.
Tire Mounting
You will have to roll the bead of the back side of the tire around the center wheel. You'll also want to be sure that the tire does not have any bulges around it. Not a big deal, just massage it until the tire is uniform.

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