The Slasher: Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course Racer


Traxxas Batter Connector
There is only one tiny problem with our new charger. Because Traxxas uses their own battery connectors, which are actually quite a great design, the charger won't connect to the battery. With Traxxas' design no matter what you do, you can not hook up the battery backwards, even if you force it it, which actually doesn't take much.
Traxxas Battery Plug
As you can see, the other side is covered in plastic and doesn't allow the contacts to connect with each other when backwards.
Prophet Sport II Connector
The Prophet Sport II uses old school, Tamiya-style plugs, which, if you force them, can be hooked up backwards. I've seen it done and I myself have nearly done it on old, worn out batteries.
Traxxas Adapter
Fortunately, Traxxas does make an adapter plug to remedy this situation!
West Coast RC Raceway
With parts, truck, and AMDrift's David Karey in tow, we set off to West Coast Raceway in La Mirada, CA. They sell RC Car and Truck parts and…
West Coast RC Raceway Paved
Have a paved road course…
West Coast RC Raceway Dirt
And this gnarly-ish dirt course. It's hard packed clay and as I soon found out, not easy to race on.

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