Three and a Half Seconds!


With the side skirts off, you can see the oval side exit exhaust. It's also easy to observe that this SiR is one firm chasis with little flex. Garage space at Buttonwillow is an absolute bonus – providing security from the elements.

Chris points out that Scott at Can-Alignment has been an immense help as a track instructor and also in setting up the car. The car is now on Koni yellow race shocks with Ground Control sleeves and Eibach 1000 lb springs on all four corners. The front sway bar is stock and the rear has a 24mm ASR to help keep things under control. The front and rear corners have an assortment of aftermarket products that, with Can-Alignment's help in alignment and corner balancing, have been molded together to create an incredibly well balanced automobile. Skunk2 Upper Control Arms. Kingpin spherical bearings are used throughout the front of the suspension. PCI rear trailing arm spherical bearings are combined with Password JDM lower control arms.


Neo Motorsports 4 pot calipers and 13″ rotors are a new upgrade for Boersma Racing's 2015 season. This big brake kit manufacturer, a Canadian company, has been producing BBK's since 1999. Tucked in behind the wheel you can barely glimpse the Koni Yellows, GC sleeves, and Eibach springs.

Another area of need was the braking system, which simply was not consistent due to the stock calipers and aftermarket pads could not handle the speeds that the engine was capable of producing. This season Chris has been running front calipers from Neo Motorsports coupled with Hawk DTC 70 brake pads. The Neo 4 pot calipers combined with 13″ rotors not only fill the wheel but have provided Chris with much greater confidence that he can haul his car down from speed at any time. The rear is still OEM calipers coupled with Hawk DTC 30 pads. This upgraded system has given Chris the stopping power that he has required. Consistently.


The rear calipers and rotors are stock parts and they provide all of the clamping force that Chris requires.
Coming into Phil's Hill a little too hot, Chris makes good use of his braking power and left a little bit of rubber behind.
The engine bay is all business. Nothing unnecessary. Everything there with the purpose of reliability and to allow the driver to win races.

The engine is a B18C1 and the block is from DART. Reinforced in all critical areas to withstand the pressures of a forced induction race engine, this block is a wise investment, and it is compatible with all B series parts. ACL bearings are used with the OEM crank, Wiseco Pistons, and Eagle Rods. The head is from a Type R and it has SuperTech valves, retainers, and Toda cam gears, valve springs, and oil pump gear. Things are held together with ARP head and main studs. Reliability is a key focus so, apart from the above mentioned parts, the majority of the engine parts are stock Honda material that you would find on any other 1.8 litre Honda engine. Including an OEM head gasket. Air enters the engine via a Skunk2 Ultra street intake manifold


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