Three and a Half Seconds!


The Special Project Motorsports rear wing has been modified with Boersma Racing endplates. And yes, that is a real licence plate. This Civic was was on the street until just recently.
Here is the PCI diffuser plus you also can see the Boersma Racing wheel well air blockers.

Michael masterminded the Civic's aero setup. They run a Special Projects Motorsports rear wing. The front splitter is designed and built in-house at Boersma Racing. It is fabricated from Carbon Fibre and is incredibly strong. The splitter only goes under the car to the end of the front bumper – often times you see them extending almost to the front axles but this is obviously doing what it is supposed to do. Boersma Racing also designed and built their own adjustable side skirts plus wheel well air blockers – to stop air from getting into the rear bumper area. Boersma Racing also designed and fabriated the larger wing end plates, the splitter end plates, and the front canards. The rear diffuser on the Civic is a PCI unit.


Unless I'm mistaken, here Chris is at the east end of the track coming through the Off Ramp and onto the I5 (named because Interstate 5 is visible in the distance. North of Buttonwillow, CA but immediately south of the Lerdo Highway Buttonwillow Raceway is visible from I5).
Leaving I5 for Cotton Corners, another elevation change in the Buttonwillow 13CW configuration.
Just exiting Riverside, I believe that is the #5 Narvaez car in the background.
I think Chris is two-wheeling through the Off Ramp in this shot. The back is absolutely in the air and the front, when I look at it closely, is either airborne or barely touching. That's how to get it done!

With all of these components put together, in a car that he has owned since 2001, Chris and his dad, Michael, have built a time attack monster. They will be looking over the new rulebooks for Global Time Attack and CSCS, making plans, and I am sure coming up with another winner. Watch for them next season!


Michael Boersma (Thanks Dad!)

Global Time Attack

Turbo by Garrett


OS Giken


ABM Auto

Paragon Competition



CSF Radiators


Neo Motorsports

Carbox Industries

Radium Engineering


Buttonwillow Raceway

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