Three and a Half Seconds!


Heading down Phil's Hill and toward the Sweeper – and the cement plant on Lerdo Highway if you go far enough – Chris is perfectly lined up for the gentle corners into the sweeper.
Clean extends far beyond the bodywork on this Civic. The underside absolutely blows me away! Don't forget, this is a Canadian car that was a daily driver and faced tons of Ontario road salt every winter. Now it faces and overcomes the sands of Buttonwillow!
The R-Division exhaust is straight 3″ with one 90 to the oval side exit. Great to see the use of jack stands. Never go under your car without the proper safety measures. I would be remiss if I didn't comment about the pristine garages at Buttonwillow. Just look at that concrete floor's finish.

The intake is a Skunk2 Ultra street intake manifold that has a .5crm spacer and is coupled with a Skunk2 74mm Pro Series throttle body. Fuel needs are met with ID1000 injectors that are mounted in a Golden Eagle fuel rail and metered out via a Turbosmart fuel regulator. A Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump sends fuel to a Radium Engineering surge tank. Here a Bosch 44 fuel pump sends the fuel to the engine bay. Dynamotorsports did the tuning on the Hondata 300 ECU, with this set up producing well over 500 horsepower – 537 whp and 325 ft/lbs of torque – on the dyno using MS109 race fuel.


According to GTA rules, the rear of the car can be stripped down for street class and you can see that Chris complied. That's his Radium Engineering Surge tank and Bosch fuel pump beside the fire extinguisher.

Getting the power to the wheels is handled by a Clutchmaster FX400 clutch and their steel flywheel. I found this curious, as one of the most common upgrades seen in drivetrains is a lightweight flywheel. Chris responded that he likes the feel and action of the steel flywheel, with the revs falling less dramatically with the heavier steel unit. That, coupled with the fact that steel can handle much more punishment than an aluminum unit, made this an easy choice for Boersma Racing. Power is sent through an OEM Type R transmission and an OS Giken custom tuned LSD to Driveshaft Shop 2.9 axles. These connect to the hubs and then Volk TE37sl 17×9 on the front and Rota Grid 17×8 at the back. Chris was so pleased with the performance and speed of his Bridgestone RE71R tires. The fronts are 255/40/17 while the rears are 225/45/17s.


The splitter was designed and created by Boersma Racing. Chris and Michael don't mind getting their hands dirty as they are creating the goods to make this car go fast. The splitter is carbon fibre. Boersma Racing also built the canards, which is just barely visible in this picture.

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