Three and a Half Seconds!


The Boersma Racing Civic SiR was tuned at Dynamotorsports where it put down 537 WHP and 322 ft/lbs of torque. This was an increase of 25 WHP and 20 ft/lbs with only the addition of a Skunk2 Ultra Street intake manifold and a 74mm Skunk2 Throttle Body. Great numbers! Pic by Boersma Racing.
Keeping things cool has been a learning process involving trial, change, and more. This is a process that every forced induction user must go through. The oil pump is from a Type R and it has been ported to ensure smooth flow. The casting process leaves enough imperfections to cause turbulence which, while fine for your typical mom and dad car, can potentially cause issues for your massive horsepower race car. The oil capacity has been enhanced with a Moroso road race oil pan and a Setrab 25 row oil cooler. This season Chris left the standard half rad behind and fitted a CSF Radiator designed for an Integra into the Civic. He and his dad are very pleased with the temperatures that the car is now running – noticably lower than in previous seasons.


With the nose off, you get a great view of the Intercooler – Garrett core with end tanks fabricated by Dynamotorsports. Just behind you see the full size Integra CSF aluminum radiator. This was a great addition for 2015 and has kept the engine temperatures under much better control than the previous half rad. Pic by Boersma Racing.
Here the SiR is exiting Cotton Corners on the east side of Buttonwillow. The orchard off in the distance is irrigated, otherwise this fertile land would have the same sparse growth as evidenced at the track. I greatly appreciated the track marshals and the other photographers, who graciously pointed out some of the best locations for photographing the track. Like driving a new track, taking pics at one also takes some time to learn.

Boersma Racing went to Dynamotorsports for their expertise in fabrication and tuning – to ensure that the Garrett GTX3076R turbo was able to achieve maximum flow. Dynamotorsports custom fabbed an equal length, tubular, divided manifold. This manifold is very compact and utilizes Garrett V-Band divided housing to mate to the turbo. A Tial 38mm MVSR wastegate and, what some might consider a relic, an HKS Super Sequential blow off valve. The intercooler consists of a Garrett Core with the end tanks fabricated by Dynamotorsports, who also fabricated the 3″ downpipe. This is mated to a 3″ exhaust that was fabricated by Eric at R-Division.


This shot provides a double view. First is a great view of the Dynamotorsports fabricated manifold. Second is the CSF aluminum full size radiator, viewed through the stock hood latch assembly opening in the rad support. Moved forward, the rad provides lots of clearance in the engine bay. Pic by Boersma Racing.


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