Time Bandit, JC Meynet’s All Conquering 2006 Subaru STI


 The all inclusive cage provides driver protection and chassis stiffness, important for suspension tuning.  Sparco seat, wheel and safety equipment are used.

The chassis is stiffened with a Bulletproof Fabrication multipoint cage.  Sparco seats, harnesses, steering wheel master switch and fire systems with a Motorola radio finish out the interior.  An Odyssey battery provides power for the vehicle's systems. 

 An AIM dash display is set into the stock dash as required for modified and limited classes.  The stock glass must remain as well

Of course aerodynamics are becoming highly critical for a winning time attack car and JC's STI has all of what is recognized as top stuff. Peter Leclair of Hellafuntional was instrumental for getting all of the cars aero tuned in. A Kognition CFD optimized rear wing is mounted with Bulletproof fabrication uprights on the rear chassis.  Carbon Password JDM front canards are used with a AQMS front splitter.  AQMS also did a flatbottom conversion to the car with a diffuser with integrated strakes. Zerosports side skirts and bumpers are also used.

 A Moroso accumulator helps keep the engine's oil pressurized even under hard cornering, a poor man's dry sump.  A Sparco fire system and Odyssey battery are also mounted behind the driver for better weight distribution.
 An AEM EMS provides engine management and data logging.  The other box is for low impedance injectors.

A vented Kaminari hood helps manage engine compartment airflow and a lightweight Kaminari rear trunk lid is used.  JC credits Earls for the cars paint job but perhaps he is being funny if he is talking about Earl Scheib. The complete car weighs in at a reasonable 2932 lbs, another homage to the car's street roots .

 The CFD designed Kognition wing is no ricer wing, it actually makes several hundred pounds of downforce with minimal drag.
 A trunk mount may not be safe with a wing like this.  The car's wing mounts solidly to the chassis.


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