Time Bandit, JC Meynet’s All Conquering 2006 Subaru STI


 The large rear diffuser has a central strake.  Strakes create vortices which help the air flow stay attached to the roof of the diffuser making it work better as well as reduce drag.
 A view of the flat bottom of the car and the large central diffuser.  Pretty nice.

Look out for this Subie coming to a track near you!  We will have a video with Data overlay soon of JC's record breaking winning run at Super Lap Battle.

 The large splitter helps downforce by causing stagnation of the airflow at the nose of the car.  The stagnation causes high pressure to form on top of the splitter compared to the bottom creating downforce.
Canards help by creating some downforce and mainly create strong side vortices which help reduce the amount of air that curls under the car, keeping the rear diffuser more effective.

JC and the car have quite a winning history as shown below:
– 2007 raced in local auto-X and Redline Time Attack (street)
– 2008 raced Redline (Street), Subiefest (Mod/Pro), SLB (street), NASA (TTU) etc
– 2009 raced Redline (Mod), SLB (Ltd), Subiefest (Unl), NASA (TTU) etc
– 2010 raced Redline (Mod), SLB (Ltd), Speedventures (Unl), Subiefest (Unl), etc
– 2007-2010 accumulated 44 wins, 39 track records, 4 Championships, fastest Subaru in class 100% of time

 The large central vent on the hood helps manage the airflow through the engine compartment, reducing drag, making the cooling system more effective and helping the front splitter to work better.

JC would like to thank his crew:
– Adan Quezada with AQ Motorsports for his excellent and speedy mechanical skills.
– Shawn Church from Church Tuning for his flawless tuning and trackside skills.
– Peter “Jamal” LeClaire from Hellafunctional for his general racecar knowledge and trackside efforts.
– Frank Chen from JRZ North America for his suspension knowledge and trackside efforts.
– Leilani Solomon and Jason Burke for helping coordinate our team.
– Ryan Novak for his general help and for being such a great athletic supporter.
– JC Meynet for stomping the pedals and cranking the steering.

 These fender flares were intended to be used on a 240SX.

And a thank you to the following fine sponsors:
AQ Motorsports
Toyo Tires
Church Tuning
JRZ North America
Brian Crower engine components
Outfront Motorsports
Stoptech Brakes
Driveshaft Shop
ACT Clutches
AEM Electronics
Motul Oils
CL Brake Pads
Enkei Wheels
Deatschwerks Injectors
B-bar Ranch Beef
Kaminari Components/Ray Cunningham
Kognition Aero Components
SP Engineering
Hose Techniques
Speed Ventures HPDE
Password JDM
Portflow Designs
G-Spot Racing
AFI Turbo
Novak HVAC

 Zerosports side skirts also make the rear diffuser more effective by reducing air curl under the car.


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