Under Suzuki’s Scorch Racing S15-The DIY Time Attack Otaku


What’s more, he doesn’t work only on his own car; he was helping with the build of Manabu Orido’s 86 for the D1 series this year. If you’re thinking how awesome all this is, remember nothing good comes without a price. And the price one has to pay to be the fastest privateer in time attack is not just money, it’s time, long long nights in the tuning shop, and barely having time to even eat. He’s a man machine driven by passion.

This looks like a Patterson dry sump tank but we are not sure.  It is located in the back of the car for better weight distribution.  In addition to better oiling, a dry sump system also increases power by improving ring seal due to reduced crankcase pressure and windage losses.
A Blitz tube and fin intercooler core is V-mounted which is logical for good airflow and high downforce.  The surge tank style intake manifold and throttle body are made by Hypertune.  The fuel injectors are 1600cc Bosch parts with a Turbosmart FPR-1200 fuel pressure regulator.  The intake is a Scorch built 100mm tube with a Blitz mesh air cleaner.  You can also check out the details of the car's dry carbon bodywork.  Notice that the front wheelwells have been tubbed out to hold big 295 Advan A050 tires at low ride heights without rubbing.  An interesting thing about the car is that it uses the stock master cylinder and power brake booster.  Most time attack cars use dual master cylinders with a balance bar and some sort of pedal box.  The use of the stock brake hydraulic system seems like a pretty big disadvantage as it limits adjustability of brake proportioning and the use of true racing brake calipers.  All of the clamps in the charge pipe system are Murray clamps.  They have constant clamp load and are grooved to maximize grip on the hose.
The V mounted radiator is mounted low to reduce the CG height.  It is a handmade 3 row unit produced by Scorch Racing.  It is equipped with an electric fan since there is very little air flow at low speeds.
The drysump system's remote oil filter.
The Scorch S15 is a beautiful car with good proportions.  Form follows function.  The wheels are 18×10.5″ super light forged Volk RE30's with an 18mm offset.  The tires are Advan A050 GS 295/30-18.  These tires are a super soft time attack compound.


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