Under Suzuki’s Scorch Racing S15-The DIY Time Attack Otaku


The Underdog couldn’t just go to the WTAC without making any significant changes, the main focus being aero. It’s amazing how big a difference it makes to just take off the skirts for example. The design of the new dry carbon rear fenders is very much like a GT car – wider, longer body, uglier as well, but how much faster will it be? They did a shakedown on Tsukuba, confirming they are quite happy with the balance of the car.

The Blitz air filter has a stainless mesh element that is cleanable and actually pretty effective.  The unusual looking hose clamps are Murray clamps the corrugated sections help prevent over tightening.  They are available through Turbosmart.
The fuel system employs a surge tank to prevent fuel starvation under hard cornering loads.  A lift pump brings fuel to the surge tank so the Deatchworks high pressure pump can feed it to the injectors.
The Garrett GTX3582R turbo is liquid cooled to prevent coking of the ball bearing center section.
The engine compartment like the rest of the car has a clean and tidy layout.
The canards create some downforce and also act as vortex generators creating side traveling vortexes that help stop air from curling under the chassis.  This improves the effectiveness of the rear diffuser and underbody aero.  The side fence on the front splitter helps reduce air spillover on the edge of the splitter.  This improves its efficiency.  The notch cut in it is also a vortex generator.

In the Evome Battle at Tsukuba this winter, the Silvia seemed to never have enough downforce in the rear, so they kept on putting more gurney flap on the wing to make it bigger. They even changed the position of the rear wing, bringing it lower and further out.

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