WATCH: K-series Short Block Guide


Today we’ll show you how to properly build your Honda K-series short block. We’ll go over how to choose pistons for your specific application, block limits, processes available and much more!

Pistons: JE part# 361262
Rods: K1 part# 015BX17152
Bearings: King part# MB5259XPC and CR4542XPC
Head studs: ARP part# 208-4701

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  1. This video convinced me to have my K20A3 in my 2003 Civic Si EP3 done by Mike and the crew. Daily driver build. NA. 91 RON minimum. Knock detection, catalytic converter and O2 sensors remain in the build. All treatments and parts recommended by Mike. Transmission refresh and upgrades. Project EP3 suspension mods and more. Lastly, a full body and paint restoration and refresh with recommended esthetic upgrades. Base budget $20K to begin work.

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