WATCH: Turbo S2000 Track Monster with ROCKET ANTI-LAG!


We took a break from isolation to make the trip out to Austin, Texas for Optima Batteries’ Hi-Performance Expo at the Circuit of the Americas last November. We’ll be featuring several of our favorite cars from the event so make sure you’re subscribed and getting our notifications! In this one we have Robert Thorne and his awesome ROCKET POWERED S2000! There’s not an actual rocket sticking out the back of it; rather, it’s the anti-lag system he built for the turbo! Join Mike Kojima as he talks to Robert about that and the rest of this awesome Honda!

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      1. Running E100 fuel helps a lot here. As does the massive ducted hood opening to the intercooler and v-mount setup. So the radiator has a dedicated airstream, separate from the intercooler.

        1. how close do you think it’d be possible to get to that 180 (well under 200) on non-alcohol fuel? Obviously you’d still need some sort of race gas pushing that kinda power out of a 4 banger… but without the cooling benefits of ethanol

  1. How does the combustor keep a flame with the exhaust manifold pressure fluctuating so much? Is the exhaust manifold pressure typically lower than the boost pressure in a turbo engine? That must be the case for the antilag combustor to operate properly. I magine there is a bit of control required for the anti lag fuel flow to keep it in the right range. Looking forward to more details.

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t credit the refuse truck engine company that pioneered the idea behind rocket systems (and inspired Prodrive) 🙂
    Pretty awesome to see a privateer do that on his own.

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