We Go To Pikes Peak 2019! Part Two

The team is nearly ready to release Dai to pre-grid.  In the meanwhile, I am freezing at the other end of the course, the Devils Playground.  It’s my job to monitor tire pressures and temps and to do any adjustments in pressures or suspension before sending him back down the mountain to make another pass. It is so cold at my end of the course I consider burning my rental car to survive.

Time Attack Champion William Au Yeung was participating in the almighty Vibrant Civic in what would be one of its last outings.  I think the Civic’s aero was not working properly on the mountains rough roads.

Here I am running around at the Devils Playground trying to stay alive.  The sun coming up helped somewhat.

Dai was one of the first cars off the line and I could hear the scream of the Evasive/Eneos 86 all the way up the mountain. It was a clear sharp and beautiful sound.  Because of the vertical nature of this part of the course, I could see him coming a long way off.


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